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My name is Lia, and I am a happily married mother of two handsome boys and a beautiful baby girl who was born January 2012. I began my healthy hair journey June 6th 2009. My best friend introduced me to longhaircareforum.com (LHCF) after she found it when researching products for her little girl’s hair. One day I finally decided to check out the site and was absolutely amazed to see black women growing their hair to great lengths! I couldn’t believe that our hair could actually grow! At that time I was relaxed and shoulder length…the length I had been my whole life.

I didn’t know anything about going natural, and only had one friend at that time who was natural and would switch between straight and curly hair with ease. I started reading more on the forum about transitioning and chatting with my friend about the possibility of going natural. I not only wanted to grow long, beautiful healthy hair, but started considering the idea of transitioning since I was only getting relaxers about two or three times a year anyway. At that time, I was actually four months post relaxer and didn’t realize that I had been ”stretching” my relaxers.
I had been relaxed since the age of 3 and had no idea what my natural hair looked like. Relaxed hair was all that I knew and was the norm, so the thought of natural hair was foreign to me. However, I decided my natural hair was something I wanted to discover, enjoy, experience, and embrace after being relaxed for over 20 years! So on June 22nd 2009 I got my last relaxer!

I transitioned for 18 months before doing the big chop (BC). I grew my hair from shoulder length (SL) to grazing mid-back length (MBL). before I big chopped. I BC’d on 12/27/2010 and my natural hair when stretched was armpit length (APL) to my surprise!

I am now around MBL when my hair is stretched or straightened and my ultimate hair goal is hip length (HL)! I would love for my shrinkage to be bra strap length (BSL) curly. Not sure if it will ever hang that long, but if not that’s still just fine with me. I have embraced my shrinkage and absolutely love the versatility of natural hair!

We are all on this hair journey together and I hope my site encourages and inspires you to know that you too can grow your hair to great lengths!  I attribute my success to patience, commitment, dedication, building a good regimen, protective styles and of course all the wonderful tips and advice I’ve received from the lovely ladies at LHCF.

God bless you all and feel free to ask me any questions or share your thoughts!


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