My Mom’s Big Chop!!

Hey lovelies! I made a post a few weeks ago about my mom considering transitioning. Well let me share with you ladies what happened last week!

As you may remember, she hasn’t had a relaxer since February. While we were on vacation , my mom got the unction to want to cut a piece of her hair that wasn’t laying right. Well, my aunt who’s a hairstylist just so happened to bring her handy scissors with her…and as you know the rest is history!! LOL

So my aunt started cutting the pieces my mom mentioned. My mom didn’t want too much cut at first but she realized that it started looking odd to leave a lot of relaxed hair in the back in some areas and it was basically all natural in the middle from when my mom cut it before. So it needed to be evened out.

Well mom had about 17 different emotions throughout this process. I couldn’t believe all the beautiful curls she had hiding all these years! She was freaking out while my aunt was cutting it, saying, “What have I let you all do!! Oh no, I didn’t want it this short,” etc.  I’m thinking, “Uh oh, mom’s about to have a melt down”. I do understand it was kinda impromptu and literally minutes before a work conference she had to go to. Well after so much was cut it was no turning back!

Glad to say she’s like 99% natural! There’s just a little relaxer left in the front for bangs she wanted  to keep until her hair grows out a little more.

I’m soo super proud of her! Never thought I’d see the day where my mom would have another hairstyle, let alone go natural! She said she got compliments at her conference and a co-worker of hers even wanted to take pics of her hair! Friends and family have told her how good it looks on her. It really does fit her!! It’s going to take her some getting used to because although her hair wasn’t long, she’s not used to super short hair. But we all love it, my step-dad included!

It’s been a week and the shock has worn off a bit. She’s learning what products work to really make her curls pop. She’ll be glad when it grows out more, but she actually seems to be enjoying her hair now. Sure beats her frying it with a curling iron every morning!

Here’s the photos of my mom’s Big Chop!!


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