Low Manipulation Styles

Low manipulation styles are hairstyles where you are seldomly manipulating your hair. These hairstyles require little to no combing, and involve no direct heat. These styles definitely help in retaining length. Here’s a list of  some low manipulation hairstyles.

Twist Outs


Bantu Knot- Outs

Pin Curls


Flexi Rod Sets

Roller Sets

Wash n Gos

Keep in mind everyone’s hair may respond differently to these hairstyles. While some may see awesome retention with certain styles, others may feel that they do more harm than good if they find themselves constantly re-twisting or re-braiding the hair to achieve the look. Also, some ladies may feel that even the combing and rolling involved in rollersets may be too much manipulation for their hair, while others feel their hair thrives with rollersets.

You can always try out these styles to see how your hair responds to it and if you are getting the desired results you’re looking for.

Check out the gallery below for some low manipulation styles you can try on your natural hair!


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