Transitioning Hairstyles

If you are currently transitioning, you’ll probably find yourself trying out many different kinds of hairstyles so you can still look fabulous from day to day. There are so many different transitioning hairstyles you can try with your own hair or with hair added.  I transitioned for 18 months and during that time I pretty much stayed in protective styles or low manipulation styles.

During the first 6 months of my transition I wore half wigs, lace fronts, buns, and phony ponies. Those last 12 months I mainly wore buns, natural texture sew- ins, and natural texture crochets. They were lifesavers and blended perfectly with my natural hair. I rarely straightened my hair during my transition and when I did I would always rollerset, then flat iron to limit the amount of heat used. I also loved rocking my scarves! My scarves helped to lay down my edges and were also a cute hair accessory.

Below you’ll find photos of the many hairstyles I wore during my transition:

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